this is a pain....

how dou you guys educate these lawyers out there that don’t know how to use land trusts for our side of the business. I’ve talked to so many in my area and the more I talk to them the more confuse I get about land trusts. I like to know how is it that you tell them so they understand what you’re trying to do.

Thank you guys for all your help. It is really appreciated.


mtn wiz was “excused” from the board (from what I heard)however, I have spent some time with a long time expert in land trust and he general attituitude is trying to educate lawyers is hopeless (he is an atty himself). They either understand trust or they dont’ and therefore will tell you it a bad idea.

what are your trying to achieve?


P.S. I know the feeling as my tax professional who is very experienced seem to think I’m doing something wrong, but she just cautious as it new for her (she has 30yr experience with hundreds of clients)

what I’m trying to acomplish is buying property sub2 and puting them in land trusts. I just spoke to some lawyers and they had no idea about the land trusts being able to avoid the dos. thank you for imput.

Do you really need a land trust if you are flipping the property?

whether a land trust violated the DOSC is a subject for some debate amoug folks familar with land trust

Are these real estate attorneys that don’t know what they are doing or generalists?

it not a question of being a good RE atty; its whether they understnad the finer points of trusts (particularly land trust) which is a separate field within itself.

Ahhh… cool subject… above my head though man. I’ll have to read more… Great forum…