This Guy sent me an Insane Business Proposal

Hey Randy,
My name is Wyatt Merriweather and I am a real estate investor and marketer. I wanted to offer you an opportunity to receive free marketing leads from our company, Think Realty Investments. I am constantly putting out marketing to find property in the area and I would like to find just one investor per region to send leads to. If you would be interested, I would like to offer some of these great deals to you!
Here is how it works:
What I do is put out my marketing and get people calling. When they call I get all their information and study the deal and pass it off to you and only you, I work with one investor per region, so your leads that you want will only go to you 100%. Once you close we only ask for a marketing fee of 40% of the profit and you keep the other 60%. For a wholesaler or Investor this is a win since you won’t have to pay for anything up front just after you close.
If you are interested, or know someone who would be interested, please contact me either by email or phone and we can discuss more about this wonderful opportunity.
Thank you for your time, and I hope to hear from you soon.

Wyatt Merriweather
Think Realty Investments, LLC

It’s brilliant, I’m jumping all over this like a dog on a bone.
Imagine this, A young black guy with some marketing skills sending me quality leads and 60% for me, I’m drooling here.

Hey Randy,

Thank you for getting back to me this morning I appreciate that! So right now we found some great ways to find wholesale deals in the market all over the US for the most part and of course my company is in Indiana and we can’t close deals all over the US. The best way to not lose out on the deals and to help others is to pass them off as we receive them to Wholesalers like yourself. Once we send it off to you, you can take care of it from there and after close we ask for a 40% marketing fee which we will send you an invoice for. (Pretty cut and dry)

What I would need from you is just a few questions answered so we are passing you off the correct deals and not ones that your buyers aren’t going to be interested in, I wouldn’t want to waste your time. I attached a word doc with the questions; you can just submit them back to me in an email or put them on the word doc whatever works best for you.

Again thank you for your time Randy I look forward to hearing from you.


I’ve had some all talk and no deliver offers before, so the negative thoughts pop up, but then the positive thoughts come thru,
What have I got to lose? Not a frikin thing. What have I got to gain? A lot.

Ok, you’ve got me curious, what are the few questions he’s asking for in the word doc? What’s your date of birth and social security number?

haha, no, he wanted my debit card number and pin,
No actually one question was dumb & dumber, and that’s why a had a flaky feeling.
One of the questions was, how many deals do you want a month, and I wrote in 10,
and another was what was my price range range and zip codes of the areas I wanted.
and if I agreed to pay 40%
I told him to get my phone ringing, its been over a week and nothing yet.