This Guy Scammed His Own Grandmother!!!

Gaithersburg Man Admits to Equity-Skimming Scam

By Ernesto Londoño
Washington Post Staff Writer
Sunday, August 19, 2007; Page C13


Scott Miller

What a piece of s*&t!!! Sounds like those gas station owners that jacked up prices the morning of 9/11. I’m sure he’ll get his in the end…

He’ll be on the receiving end of some convict’s male anatomy soon enough—greed is a scary thing, isn’t it?


Scott Miller

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It’s scary that he didn’t intend on starting out that way and turned to a nasty route after learning about the biz more.

I don’t do business with anybody I can’t sue. That means I don’t do business with my grandmother. That may mean that my grandmother may need to sue me. I guess if you are after money anybody is fair game. That is why I always ask why are we doing this. If all we want is money then anybodies money is fair game even grandma’s. But if you are building a business then you won’t do that kind of stuff.