This free ebook on wholesaling / flipping houses

Has anyone here downloaded a copy of this ebook from someguy calling himself the underground real estate guru?

I have read it and while it makes sense to me I’m just starting out. I would like some feed back before I do what he is saying.

I not plugging but if you have never heard of this you can get a copy at the underground real estate guru dot com

please give me some feed back on this.


Not a very good book, IMO. No info at all. It IS free, but still… you can find more out spending 1 hour reading this forum.

I agree with slondeau. The steps are there but there is so much missing.


Not only is the thing dumb, but it’s dangerous because it leaves out so much of what is important, you get what you pay for.

You can tell that it is written by a person who has only done a deal or two because there are alot of intracacies of a deal that he does not include. Things that only a seasoned wholesaler would know to look for.