I been working as a real estate investor/wholeseller for a few months now. I am a member of another real estate investing site but I wish I joined here before. I was just browing all the different rooms in here and there’s so much great and TRUE information from savy investors/professionals.

I was really intrigued by a man with the nickname “BBL” talk about LLC entities and how they are hype for the most part. Very few people know this but he makes a lot of sense. I been struggling with wanting to form an LLC vs just being a sole proprietor. I have a great mentor locally that he advise I didn’t need one and he had been wholesaling for 20 years. I disagreed with him because I told him that everywhere else I hear the contrary. HE WAS RIGHT and I was wrong. It just makes simple sense because you are not owning property only flipping contracts.

That kind of advise has me sold on this site. I am excited to be here and look forward to helping each other.


Just wanted to add that when I started, my coaching had a “tax club” advisor call me and wanted to charged me about $1500 to creat my LLC and do my taxes. I am so glad that I didn’t and being here would’ve given me an answer quick.


Thanks for making me thirsty

Happy hunting



BTW you look like that wrestler “Goldberg” :beer

WElcome in.

Remember to learn the basics. WE’ll be here to fill in the gaps!

To our success!


Thanks Nutty Professor …just kidding :smile

Out of curiosity, is “The Great Martini” a spin-off of the movie “The Great Santini”

Welcome aboard. This is one of the better forums around because no one really gets into a pissing contest or start bashing one another like other sites do. This is one of your more professional sites


Thanks I guess none of us can argue with that statement now can we… OMG… jk


I’m not so sure about the bashing the heads comment as I have seen plenty of that, however, from what I have seen here - the forum is worth a bookmark w/ regular visits.


Definitely, there is great content here and a lot of very informative people with very deep levels of knowledge.