This can't be impossible

Please any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I am looking for a 2nd/heloc. Just refinanced a couple of months ago so that is out of the question. My first is 248,000 and home is worth 320,000. Need cash to clean up credit (520 score) and make home improvements. Don’t care about the interest rate just want the money.

If I am calculating this correctly…you are currently at 78% LTV with your new refinance.

Why would they not allow 80% LTV?

A second is going to be difficult with your parameters. Have you tried places like , The Associates, American General Finance, etc?

How much debt are you paying off? How much money do you need total? What state do you live in?

Matt Jones

I live in Florida and I want to pay off a vehicle with an 11K balance and have about 10K for remodeling.

I just heard about a great person to person (online) lending marketplace called Prosper. I have not requested a loan from them yet. I’ve been reading over the site for the past two days.

You submit a loan request listing and people bid on it. Once you’ve received enough bids to fund your loan, it’s funded. Simple as that! And, if you join a group (within prosper) you’ll probably be more likely to get a better rate and/or get your loan funded faster.

The web address is:

I am in no way affiliated with it. I heard about it on one of the forums here (on