Third Time a Charm If You're the Job Killer in Chief?

Get ready for a litany of talking points… and/or personal attacks…

Not from me Brockovich…I truly want to hear some positives from supporters of BO…In my other businesses I employ many BO supporters and they are expressing doubt and disgust over many issues that are going on inside this administration…From this Health Care bill to the current recession,to the jobs market…I could go on and on…Im just curious what people view as a positive that has come out of BO’s Presidency so far…

The only thing I am happy with is the way he has handled Afghanistan policy. Other than that, I believe he has been a total failure and has done much more harm than good!

Thats a very honest answer and I respect you for it…I agree with you also…A total disappointment and I viewed his Presidency with an open mind but I cant ignore the fact that he has been a total failure as POTUS so far…

I agree with the President's stop on drilling. Forget jobs--what's more important is health and safety!

This isn’t an issue of health and safety. The entire oil industry has been drilling basically safely for decades. So, any talk of another spill is simply RIDICULOUS. What the ban IS about is the continuance of the Cloward and Piven Strategy to DESTROY THE USA. From one side of his socialist mouth, Obama is saying that we must stop deep water drilling in the Gulf of Mexico. From the other side of his mouth, he’s giving $2 BILLION DOLLARS to friend George Soros to drill even deeper under the ocean. His entire intention and all of his actions to date are to destroy the country - and on that count he’s doing a FANTACTIC JOB!

All I have to ask is why 6 months.And why are the shallow rigs being punished too.I agree 200% with Rookie,could you please explain any positives of this disaster of a response.I would also love to hear what all this ego maniac president and his administration have accomplished.

If you have’nt given up on Obama and seen the writting on the wall written in neon lights,maybe you need more time.But you will,you will.

I’m down here,was for Katrina also.ANd Bush is starting to look like a mastermind compaired to this joke of a leader.

  One thing to remember is that after Katrina, the Bush Administration proactively responded to the State of Louisiana but Federal help was immediately denied by Governor Blanco. FEMA has to be asked for aid by the states before they give it. After assessing the situation the call was made to FEMA.  And, then they were still ill-prepared to help in timely fashion.  
   I really think that this spill is being handled poorly. I would think that the President would call a meeting with the heads of ALL of the oil companies, Exxon-Mobil, Cheveron, Conoco-Phillips, etc. and get a solution.
    I sometimes wonder what the secondary gain will be for this administration for dragging its feet in this matter. 


Rookie asked a legit question about positive policies from this administration.

Anyone here interested can RE READ my previous posts concerning MY FEELINGS about how IMPORTANT any single person is that sits in the White House…Read it for yourself…My feeling has always been that The PRESIDENT could be almost anyone and this COUNTRY would be more affected by the sentiment of it’s CITIZENS than any single personal agenda. But a President CAN affect that sentiment.

Case in point RONALD REAGAN…I liked Reagan even though some of his policies were TERRIBLE…But what Reagan DID was to make AMERICANS feel POSITIVE about their Country after a long period when they didn’t…THAT drove the economy…THAT drove the recovery…Sure there was some real tax policy that helped, but in the end it was SENTIMENT that did the heavy lifting. Americans regained their CONFIDENCE and had a PRESIDENT that wasn’t AFRAID to hand some THUG in a desert his @SS if that’s what needed to be done!!! “YOU CAN RUN, BUT YOU CAN’T HIDE.” This is EXACTLY what Reagan said to Kadafi as he announced on NATIONAL TV that American Fighters were attacking Lybia…I remember this…and remember how GOOD it felt to FINALLY have a no BS President after that WIMP CARTER!! And Americans LOVED it!!!

As far as Obama goes…He HAD that…He HAD the national sentiment…But he LOST IT!

I agree with Brockovich on the Afgan policy being positive…

I also think the increased sanctions on IRAN (especially the banking end of those sanctions) will put INCREDIBLE pressure on that Countries ruling party. Do some reading and see HOW strict those NEW sanctions are with regard to ANY bank doing business with banks handling IRANIAN FUNDS. To me…This is like the original policy that WORKED in IRAQ and was put in place by Old man BUSH…We now know, that policy literally brought IRAQ to it’s knees…After the “W” invasion we learned that…Power production in IRAQ was ROUTINELY shut down for 8 to 10 hours a day EVERYDAY due to sanctions which prohibited companies from selling PARTS to Iraq for those plants!!! OIL FIELDS and refineries so outdated they produced a FRACTION of their potential…We also now know…the OLD MAN was RIGHT to stop at the IRAQ border and let financial PRESSURE slowly strangle Saddams grip on power…We had them UNDER OUR THUMB until “W” blew it and INVADED a BROKEN COUNTRY that we DID NOT need to invade and sent this country on a SPENDING SPREE our GRANDCHILDREN will pay for…BUSH did that…NOT OBAMA!! I think there’s something to be said for a policy that actually LEARNS something from those lessons and doesn’t throw that HARD EARNED KNOWLEDGE OUT THE WINDOW!

I would say that the decision to appoint Ken Feinberg to oversee the BP escrow account for victims of the spill was an excellent choice… By the accounts I’ve read from FDNY widows after 9/11, Feinberg did an EXCELLENT job of distributing those funds and I’m sure he’ll do the same with regard to the BP disaster.


The JURY is still out…

We have some indicators…As ROOKIE pointed out with his post regarding a corporate “head hunter” he knows predicting a BIG improvement in HIRING for 2011. To the SLOW DOWN in unemployment claims…BUT who knows?..We threw a TON OF MONEY at a disaster created by STUPID POLITICIANS and POLICIES on BOTH SIDES…Now we wait and see if we DIVERTED a DISASTER, or just POSTPONED it!!

You all know which side my bet is on…

And we’ll see…

Is OBAMA doing a GREAT JOB???

NO…He isn’t…I voted for him…But I would have voted for MIKE ROSSI after 8 years of “W”…and what OTHER choices did we have??? SARAH PALIN??? Yea…maybe for QUEEN!!! I hear she’s already got the SASH and I’m sure she’d look good in a CROWN. PLUS… a QUEEN doesn’t have to really KNOW anything…She’s PERFECT!!!

All kidding aside…I will say this…MY personal financial situation has NEVER BEEN BETTER!!! But…REMEMBER…I’m not sitting on the sidelines WATCHING opportunity pass me by…I’M MAKING MY OPPORTUNITY…RIGHT NOW!!!
To be honest…WITHOUT anyone’s money BUT MINE!!!

And if you can do THAT…Just about ANYONE can sit in that office and you’ll be just fine!!!

My life doesn’t revolve around WHO I voted for, which POLITICAL PARTY is in charge, or jumping up and down everyday when some article comes out about this or that…My BUSINESS life revolves around being RIGHT when OPPORTUNITES present themselves to ME!!!

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it AGAIN…

The BIGGEST SALE IN REAL ESTATE HISTORY IS NOW TAKING PLACE…Our GRANDCHILDREN will one day, find it UNBELIEVABLE when they are told what GRANDPA paid for his properties during the “GREAT RECESSION!!”

The people HERE that are now out BUYING those bargains will be telling and re-telling those stories on their YACHTS, at their COUNTRY CLUBS, and at their SUMMER BEACH HOUSES which were all PAID for with profits derived from WISE INVESTMENTS made when the HERD was RUNNING AWAY. The OTHERS ( the sideliners) will still be swapping TOILETS out in their rental properties.

Pick a side!