third party agreement???????

I was talking with a realtor over the weekend and she mentioned if i had my seller sign a third party agreement which would allow me to speak to my seller’s lender regarding information about her loan.

Is this document neccessary??? does anyone have an example of one?

Yes it is and no I’m not allowed to share it,sorry. Someone else here may be able to give you theirs. Its a practice of a course I took that I don’t share my forms. Herbster

You must always sign an agreement if you are going to contact a home owners lender like an authorization to release information document because lenders will not release any info on the mortgage without the written consent of the home owner it’s against the law.


Anyone can create a use-able form for this, you don’t need what some guru “borrowed” from someone else and sold it to someone else via a course as a insider secret. It’s just a permission slip so the lender or other party can’t be held liable for releasing private information.

All you need to do is label it Authorization to Release Information.

Then text that I owner hereby authorize you lender to release any and all information regarding my loan number such and such to you.

Signed and dated by all parties on the loan.

Some lenders also have their own form and you can just use theirs.

I have an authorization to release information that you can have. send me a PM and I will get it to you.

Just Google “Authorization To Release Information Form” and you should be good to go. The first one is what you’ll need, but its best to talk to you’re attorney in case you need to change some wording or have certain wording in there, pertaining to your state. I doubt it though…