Thinking about Jacking A House

Hey Everyone,

  Got a line on a home but there is one problem.  The home must be jacked in the middle and have some more support placed there. I know all the issues, cracked wall and ceiling, removing all the cabinets, toilets, and tubs putting it all back together and the roof too. What I'm looking for is anyone who's had this done in new england and some good cost estimates if you have any.


I’ve done this twice now. First time I had to jack a beam and pier type foundation and replace a beam about 30 ft long. This beam was sawdust from termites. That cost me around 1400 dollars. I had to hire help for that one. The other one I did was earlier this month. A kitchen wall had a leak in the plumbing, FOR YEARS!!, before I bought it. That one only cost about 600 dollars when I was done.

If I had hired the work completely, there is no telling how bad a contractor would have raped me.

I had a 2500 SF house jacked up in the middle section this last summer. It cost $9800 or thereabouts by a licensed professional firm.

Now instead of the feeling of hurtling towards the kitchen wall when you walk through the room, everything is nice and level. Walls and ceilings did crack but they had to be redone anyway.

In my opinion it was worth it.


Did the $9800 include the permanant repair?


Wow, you really don’t trust contractors? I am a contractor who is getting into flipping, as I have rehabbed many properties for investors, at the end of each deal, all parties involved felt like they were treated fairly, There are some things I can help you with in dealing with contractors, to ensure that you are treated fairly everytime. I seem to notice a negative bias against contractors on this forum, and for the life of me, I can’t understand why. A good contractor should be your best friend. Honestly, If I can help you to make this part of your business more enjoyable, let me know.

To the OP…There is a guy in Southeastern Mass that specializes in beam repair, and you would find him to be a great asset. PM me and I will give you his number, I am sure he will give you some ballpark pricing to use for your decision making.


Yes, it was a permanent repair with deep metal footings dug 25 feet under the house.


I live in a house with piers, and have had piers installed under a rehab and a rental. Here in N Tx our clay soils virtually guarantee that many/most houses will need them sometime. We have slabs because of the high water table, and no basements.

when done right, it’s a permanent fix that restores the house to original level condition.

it’s not so bad when the piers are only on the edges of the slab. more of a pain when they have to jackhammer out in the middle of the house. one of ours split the toilet drain, which had to be jackhammered out as well. no plumbing issues with the other two. the rental split two rafters when they raised it two inches, but I was able to jack it up and bolted new lumber to the two pieces. It’ll hold until the cows come home. give it six months to settle in before you bother fixing the cracks.

look for a lifetime transferrable warranty.