Thinking about getting a second business card...

…that just has my name/business name, and state that I will give money to someone (a birddog) if they find a deal on a property, and hand them out everywhere. What is a good idea to put on the card, to inform them of what I am looking for? I dont know if I should do it that way or put my number and say “call me” or something like that. I would rather put down something to show them what I am looking for, but I really cant put down “looking for highly discounted homes for sale”. Well, I could put that down, but I dont think that will work well. Advice? Thanks in advance :bigthumbup

Just a thought, I never done such thing but you could “automate it” by making a website describing what you expect from them and the steps they need to take/do. You must put emphasis on what they gain and why they should do this though… The site has to sell them on doing it.

Then on your business card you can add something like:

“House Hunters Wanted!”
“Make extra $X a month doing what you do everyday”
“Learn more at

You can add some hints on the back of the card as bullet points.

Wow. I cannot believe I did not think of that :banghead :banghead :banghead :banghead :banghead :banghead :banghead :banghead

Thank you for the simple yet extremely effective advice!

Nice one fadi,

After reading missjen’s initial post, that was what I would have recommended. You might also want to add a some action words/phrases on your business card as well to help get people to your website.