they stopped construction - suggestions to locate owners - multi-unit residentia

Do you have any suggestions on how to find the owners of a development in my town. They stopped construction about 3 or 4 months ago on what I believe is a residential development - maybe 10 or 15 units. They got as far as the Tyvek on the outside - unsure of what’s on the inside. Weeds growing 3 feet out of the gravel. Pass it all the time, but can’t see any signs or names.

Any suggestions on how to find these developers? And also how to approach them when and if I do find them!


Go to the county courthouse and look do a records look-up. There should be documentation filed in regards to a the deed, and a note from whomever loaned them the money to get started.

Is your intention to try and buy the development as is and finish it? Be careful of taking on something like that - make sure that you find out all the details of why it was stopped in the first place before trying take on a possible headache. There is a possibility that it is a goldmine but there’s also the possibility that it’s a money pit.