They got my plumbing


All the way to the furace and A.C. ruined a water heater.

a message for them: You need it worse than me keep it I’ll still make money.

Where can I get a Cell Phone driven alarm with motion sensor? Auto Dialer.

If I can’t find one stay tuned I’ll build it…

Oh YA on my almost complete rehab!!!

Sorry to hear that man. There are few things in this world I hate worse than thieves…my ex, but then again, she kinda qualifies as that too…

Wonder if you could get some type of motion sensor that would trigger an actuator when tripped. You could buy a cheap-o pre-paid cell phone and have your phone number in stand-by so the actuator could push the dial button to call you or the cops.

they make cellular alarm systems. not cheap.

I still miss my ex.

But my aim is improving.

 Really I don't care it wasn't that bad. Went today and it is only a few hundred dollars. IDIOTS left behind $300 Stihl weedwacker, shop vac, $700 worth of lights, switches, doorknobs, etc. Can't even steal right no work ethic feel bad for them having to go in and steal bout $50 woth of copper, But I'd still like to catch them.

At least they weren’t smart thieves!! LMAO!!

Classic “Married with Children”:

Peg comes in the door and says, “Did ya miss me, Al?”

Al: “With every bullet so far, Peg”

Loved that show!!!


copper is expensive especialy when its stolen why not try on your next project a material called pex its inexpensive to install and theirs no copper to steal

The plumbing was intact all the way to the for rent sign!!! only thing in the place that was good when I showed up! LOL…

Looked at the PEX and will be using in the future just need to get familiar with the installation methods, and purchase the tools.

My favorite line from Married with Children was:

Peg: Al does this dress make me look fat?

Al: No Peg, It’s the fat that makes you look fat.


Radio Shack and other electronic stores have some inexpensive alarms for about $150. They can use a cell phone and call the police. I’ve heard of some rehabbers that either leave the alarm in place or move it from job to job. The Pex works great, but you still have the wiring to worry about… good luck.