Thermostats w/ Max Temp?

I own several units where heat/hot water is included in the rent. In some of them, there are individual thermostats in the units, which (of course) are much too often left on a ridiculously high temp. My question is - is there such a thing as a thermostat with a maximum temperature setting of ~75 or so degrees? I’m not talking about a traditional programmable/digital one that can be set to a schedule, etc. - but one that simply only goes up to a certain temp.

Thanks for any feedback.

Tenants can easily fool a thermostat to provide more heat as wanted. The trick is to give them a dummy in the unit and place the real thermostat in a location where they won’t look.

Actually, the real solution is to spend the extra bucks to get the individual units on individual meters. The savings almost always pays for for the cost many times over.

There are plenty.

Throw in some baseboard heaters and let the people pay their own bills. I have seen too many landlords go under that had a bunch of property they were paying peoples bills on and overnight the electric company does a 25% increase or the gas skyrockets. Don’t subject yourself to that level of risk. Those baseboards and separate meters will pay for themselves in a year or two. You are looking at around $750 to $1,000 per thousand square feet in costs for the baseboards and two to three thousand for splitting the units electricity if you hire a couple guys that do work on the side.

          I agree it depends on the thermostat you used to be able to determine its capacity or in terms of heat.


I agree with Salverston, sub meter the units and get window mounted HVAC units for $150 - $250 a piece. Then your worry is a mute point.

I have a 2/1 unit with baseboard heat only. Is it fair to say that you are required to provide heat only and not the air conditioning (window unit)?

For Section 8, you have to provide heat. A/C is not necessary.

That is the funniest thing I have heard in months. I can imagine them twisting and twisting the dummy thermostat.