There! That'll Fix It

The Administration’s answer to everything - TAX IT!

I wonder who’ll wind up paying that???! Do they really think the oil companies care about a tax? It’s just another ‘pass-through’ designed to separate the American people from their money.

I live down here on the gulf.It’s so aggrivating to see this still gushing oil.It’s a total disaster with no end in sight.I find it very hard to believe that the media is’nt all over this president for not doing a damn thing for this long.But I guess since he’s the #1 recipient in the last 20yrs from BP oil,that explains it.

Where are the environment wackos who are always screaming?I personally beleive there is a load more the govt/military could be doing with submarines.Shooting trash in the leak is soooo pre-historic.I’m so sick of this double standard with this administration.This is moving more towards our worst environmental disaster ever every minute,and BP obviously can’t contain it alone.It’s time to quit playing politics for this administration and actually act.

I’m waiting to see how this is ‘Bush’s fault’…

Its Bush’s fault because Cheney was Bush’s vice president.

OK…wait…what was the first part just before the second part again?


Ironic that they also drove out their socialist Cap and Tax plan also! According to Obama, under his cap and tax plan, ‘electric rates in the US would necessarily SKYROCKET’!!! Great plan!

He’s ‘there for you’, Mike.

Tax is the primary source of income of the government, but wouldn’t it be nice if corruption won’t take place