The worst house EVER.

I just read the post about the animal infestation. Here is my worst rehab story:

One of my investor’s calls, “Can you meet me at ??? tomorrow?”

Of course I can looking at jobs is what I do.

We get to the house and BANG, the story comes out. The previous occupants broke the stack pipe somehow!I take a quick peek down the stairs and wow.They had the forsight to put a childs pool under it! Nice. Did I mention it had over flowed and clogged the drains?

Now I know this is now my problem. I try to get out of it and real quick say $5K. Of course it is a deal so here we go.

I don’t know what I would have done if my buddy didn’t drive a crap sucker for Mr.John. Big bribe pay him and the supervisor and after work he shows up. We suck out the offending debris All the while I’m gagging and choking through the respiratior. We continously hose the basement while he sucks and then spray it with the blue stuff.

I went back the next day a pressure washed everything and snaked the drain. It sucked but I was alot younger and way more hungry. I think it would take a quit claim for me to do it again.