The Wall St Casino vs Real Estate

I’ve done both…BUT…

Real Estate is SO much nicer!!! It gives me countless escape routes. I can:

Buy and sell
Assign properties
Option properties
Rent properties
Be the bank
Lease options
Partial renovations

And on the worst day…I wake up, turn on the TV and there are 5 fire trucks in front of my burned down property…

The stock market has had a great run since 2008. But my real estate investments have CRUSHED the stock market returns over the same period.

Everyone has their own likes and dislikes. But for me.

You can’t beat investing in property!!!

Buffet became a multi-billionaire investing in stocks
Trump became a multi-billionaire investing in real estate

Both work, as long as you’ve got the instincts and common sense to get you there.

If you can’t make high returns in the stock market, it just means you don’t have the instincts or common sense for picking the right stocks.

I agree. Both can work. I just prefer real estate because of the options it gives me.
I’ve made great money buying stocks. But my real estate investments have always outpaced anything else.

Great to hear from you fdjake!!! :beer

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I’m pretty new to these forums but I love the discussion everyone gives. Great points made by both you two. Ive been debating the same thing and wondering where i should put more of my money. Thanks for the insight.

I think it depends on the preferences. Real estate is more familiar investment than stocks but it has more work to do compared to stocks. But stocks prices can fluctuate very much and could worry investors a lot. Either way both real estate and stocks are a good wealth creators.

Cant buy stocks at a discount or finance them with only 20% down! I’m doing both like any good investor would but I sure do love me some RE. I’d much rather have something tangible that I can fix up or whatever instead of “voting rights” that don’t mean squat.

100%. We’re in so much more control over real estate assets vs stocks!

I am definitely a real estate guy as the sharemarket is to liquid and you have to be aware constantly. But that is just my preference and I think it really is a matter of “horses for courses” and there is no definitive answer for which is better.

OP, as I can see, you understand something in real estate. I have an issue and I want opinion from an expert. Is it the right time to sell property right now? I think that the economic crisis will bring real estate prices down. And when it happens, it will be a time to buy property. And right now I’m looking for ways to get rid of my house in Coventry. Moreover, I want to sell it to this company because they can buy it really fast. Am I making a mistake or not? It seems to me that I will need a lot of money soon.