The Vena jones system

Hello all! I was curious if anyone here has used the wholesale techniques by Vena. I listened to her audio , and i thought it was very informational. I am a new investor here, and i am very interested in starting in the wholesale arena first before i move to flipping. Anyone have any success with her system or even other techniques you have utilized that are working for u??Any responses on the subject would be helpful.

Thanks a million!

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I have not taken her wholesale course, but I have heard her speak many times and she is the real thing. She tells it like it is, which is rare among the gurus.


I get Vena’s monthly newsletter on cd every month. She is without a doubt the Goddess of Wholesale Real Estate investing hands down. She explains everything in laymens terms and in great detail. Highly recommend her stuff. I had a question awhile back and I emailed her and she actually called me back personally which you won’t ever find anyone worth their salt taking the time to do anymore much less even return an email.

Most of the movers and shakers, or wanna-be’s, talk the talk but seldom walk the talk. She walks the talk and has the credentials to back it up.

I have heard her audio and it wasnt bad.

Thanks guys for answering my post! I was just curious…has anyone used her system and made money? I was thinking of buying her course.
Also I was told wholesaling was the best way for a newbie like myself to start in real estate. I dont have a lot of time and money to start flipping, much less the experieence. I was interested in what Vena had to say, and it made sense to me. Is wholesaling as profitable and easy to do as they say it is?

Any input would be great!
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