The Ultimate Investing Success Formula

I am going to keep this short and to the point.

Most of you who read this will NOT be held back from investing success by a lack of information about investing…Though most of you will spend 99% of your time in the highly profitable “infovesting” stage…Systems and Courses do have their place, but they won’t do a darn thing if you don’t use them.

Heck, there is enough information in this forum to fill 25 investing courses.

With that said, I offer you 2 Real Estate Investing Success Codes that are so easy to comprehend, but hard to follow through on…Not because they are actually hard, but because most of us are wired like idiots.

Code #1

“Learn enough to get started, then get started”

Code #2
Real Estate Investing Formula for success

This is the code that my Wholesaling Mastery Students follow.

FB+FS+NEG+FF+ES= Success

Every single transaction in one way or another all boils down to this simple formula.

Find buyers+Find Motivated Sellers+Negotiate+Find Financing (Completely Dependent upon exit strategy)+ Exit Strategy= Success

I like the simplicity of the equation because it pulls out all of the distractions that make investing seem so complicated.

I know that there is at least one good post in here about finding buyers (I Posted one)

I know that there is at least one good post in here about finding sellers (I posted one)

I know that there is at least one good post in hers about negotiation (I posted one)

As far as finding financing goes talk to a lender, see what you can do. If you can’t get financed then use a Exit strategy that does not involve bank financing.

Great non-financed strategies include:

Lease options
Bird Dogging
Subject to
Land Contract

I know that there is also great info in here about all of these topics as well.

I challenge you to spend the day filling in the blanks of the formula with your strategies…

After the 1 day is done then you should know enough to get started.

Good luck!

Wow this post was just what I needed to find today after feeling overwhelmed from all the reading I’ve done this week. I just had to bump this up for any other newbies out there who might be feeling the same way. It’s so easy to become fearful of ACTION when hiding behind books is so much easier (books won’t judge you for being a newbie)! If anyone has followed these steps and has a success story, please share!