The typical Real Estate Wanabe Crashes and Burns

My buddy Steve could be the typical Real Estate Wanabe. We started about the same time 3 years ago. I gave him several books to read but for some crazy reason he wouldn’t touch them.

At one point he got a list of Probates & sent out letters.

I tried to help him but He wanted to do it on his own. He got some angry call backs from people mourning ther loss. He wasn’t expecting that. Also he went out and found a few dozen vacants that I tried to help him with. He eventually got discouraged and gave up. One big problem is his wife is very negative, she always has something bad & negative to say to keep him in place.

I’ve tried several times to get him back in the game but he just sits at home, now his health is going, he watches TV and drinks.

He’s never done a deal. I really wish I cud help the guy. I wonder if even a high voltage current direct to his testies cud get him motivated.

I know how important an education is. I am still learning, I still consider myself a newbie, even though I’ve done a bunch of deals.

My biggest asset is, I know giving up is not an option.

It all comes down to our attitudes.

How’s your mindset?