The Texas Two-Some

No, it is not your dream turned reality.

Anyone else watch the last episode of Property Ladder (TLC)?

Nothing says great ethics like stealing No Parking signs off your neighbor’s yard in the middle of the night AND filming it AND filming you flirting with the cops the next day ;D

Those two ladies hopefully learned how not to waste all their money for next time.

Sure made me want to buy a rehab in Houston area. Just got to find one now . . .

Wow that one lady was annoying!
Its wierd that the neighbors were unfriendly towards them considering it only helps their home’s value to have the trashy house across the street fixed up. What a difference from the hot market in the previous episodes though. These ladies barely made a profit whereas the others stumbled their way into 30 or 40k (if I recall correctly). Of course I think these two spent a lot more money (50k?) on their rehab, didnt they? Got out quicker but its not like their holding costs were gonna bust 'em.

Yea, they said they would spend 30k. Next thing they knew, they spent over 50k and were broke. They had no accounting system. It was one big ladies shopping day :smiley:

They ended up making a couple bucks and learned a lot I am sure so not a total loss. I wonder if the cops saw the episode lol

I didn’t see it. But why did the neighbor’s have parking signs up? If it is public street you can park anywhere on it as long as you don’t park in front of a hydrant, someone’s drive, or in designated no parking zones determined by the city.

Who knows. Those ladies must’ve pissed off the neighbor somewhere along the way so I guess that was the neighbor’s attempt at revenge by trying to screw up the open house. People like that is why I live on a few acres.

Yea. I think they were just old grumpy people. I am sure people would have followed the signs.

Maybe they are mad because their property looks like crap compared to the new one :smiley: