The story of Richard Davis from "Flip This House"...and "The Real Deal...etc

Can anyone give me the story/background on Richard Davis from “Flip This House”…and "The Real Deal…etc? I know TV is TV, and alot of Flip This House is BS, however when it comes to Richard Davis alot of what he does appears to be fairly honest & straight forward.

From watching his shows, this is what I got out of him so far:

  • He started from a 1-room office, and had little or no capital initially. This makes me think he must of found good sources of funding after starting the business…e.g. hard money lenders?
  • One of his first investment purchases was a 4-unit apartment building, which he has held for 10 to 15 years now. He really emphasizes how the true way to get rich in America is to build net worth
  • He prefers not to be a landlord, yet hearing him make statements re: the above tells me he has a diversified approach to real estate. Flipping & buying/holding appears to be his strategy, though he distains buying/holding SFH’s
  • Obviously house flipping has been a major income producer for his business, but his company is actually a very diverse real estate service business [just checkout his website]. I’m really curious to find out at what stages he started offering certain services. When did he actually start selling houses…e.g. become a realtor? When did he start venturing into commercial real estate? Etc.



I too have been really impressed by Richard Davis and the way he runs his business. He is a straightforward, no BS type of guy. I like that focuses on results, but also takes time for charitable causes and invests in his people. I’d be interested in reading his autobiography if he had one.

I like the guy, really down to earth and takes care of his people and his friends. It looks like he’s franchising out and I would be interested in seeing what becomes of Trademark.

I have already submitted a perliminary franchis request from Trademark for the NE Ohio area. Trademark has a lot of respect in the industry, and is becoming a household name due to Flip This House and The Real Estate Pros.

could you elaborate? Is Trademark properties franchising their business?

Hi everyone ~

I’m very new with REIing, (haven’t purchased) and quite jittery about it. :redface You must give me credit though, I am posting in here for the first time and do intend to do so more often. Big step for me.

I believe Richard is awesome. If I ever had the opportunity to meet and work with this guy, I would have the coffee made everyday in the office and ready to drive a few nails too. I love the Tough Love he demonstrates on the show–> “Bottom Line Up Front approach (like some of you in here–>(you know who you are). :bobble In fact, THIS site REICLUB.COM (with you guys…whoever you are) and Richard is helping me so much. I am in here almost everyday trying to suck up as much as possible. But, I do find it very informative.

If you are an advisor, or someone who has a question.

Thanks. :biggrin

BTW----Where is Richard anyway? I’ve not seen him lately, and is his show still airing?

He’s on the Real Estate Pros, sat evening, on TLC. 9 eastern.