The stock market

Heres a better question, why do you not invest in the stock market?


This topic was the subject of much debate recently…,33037.0.html

I invest in the stock market. I have a 401k IRA that is mostly stock mutual funds and individual stocks. I invest in it because it is quick and easy and it keeps my money from falling behind as to inflation.

Because it bores me to tears and there are other ways to invest that interest me more.

I’ve made myself study the stock market and how it works. It’s like taking nasty medicine. I’d make myself read the books and talk to the experts because I felt I needed to know the information.

Spending a couple of hours a day doing all the studying needed to be good at playing the stock market would be a miserable job for me.

Real estate, on the other hand, I enjoy. I enjoy pouring over the MLS. I enjoy talking to other real estate investors. I enjoy reading the message boards. I love to drive around and look at real estate and I enjoy following the prices.

I like architecture. I like renovations. I love land, and I enjoy figuring out why one piece of property is worth more than another.

There is a whole lot of studying that needs to be done in order to really make informed choices in the stock market. There are people who really love that stuff, and more power to them.

There are lots of ways to invest. If a person can find an area that gives good returns and really interests them, then that is the area they should be working in.

If a person is not interested, it would be terribly hard work to keep on top of all the information needed.