The Short Sale Kid

Hey! Does anyone have any opinions on the Short Sale Kid, Nathan Jurewicz. ?? Herbster

Before I found this site I had signed up on other websites for info…you know those capture webpages and after a while I started to get emails about the shortsale kid.
He supposedly has done several webinars with different gurus but I could never participate because Im always busy.

I too would like to know what the deal is with him.

I just watched his video and am interested in the same thing. One of his emails had a link to a free full seminar where he was selling nothing but giving all of the info for nothing. I assume following emails will have some missing keys that you’ve just got to have.

I listed to his free DVD today. Interesting. I’ve never messed with short sales but thought maybe I should broaden my knowledge.Herbster

I suggest you be careful. I have attended many short sale training sessions, participated in a number of webinars, read several books and I have never attended, participated, or read totally correct information. Most of them just do not know what they don’t know! Some of these guru’s have some good information with a few issues, and some are even unethical in their approach. I don’t know this one, but I can certainly check out the website. Right now, the popular approach in Florida is selling short sale options. There is nothing unethical about it, but Freddie Mac & Fannie Mae have both moved to establish policies to block them. I will check out the site you provided.