The Short Sale Blues.

Hey, I hope everyone is well. Can everyone pray for the St. Louis Cardnals tonight? Just a little favor for me :wink: I just signed a contract on a potentialy beautiful home.
Purchase price- $158000
ARV- $250000 - $300000
Repair - $35000

It has a pool with a slide and located in the woods surrounded by homes in the upper 200’s. It is a short sale and I have never done one before. We already have one project going right now that will net us 15 - 18K. I don’t have long to find financing and would like to know if anyone has info about aquiring $$ QUICKLY. We will not get paid from the other house for another couple months but, we do have a significant amount of money on-hand and a great father willing to take a HELOC to help as much as he can. We need enough left in the budget to put food on the table, so can’t spend all of our money on repairs. Does anyone have and wise words for me?

I thought the Cardinals moved to Phoenix…!!!


have you checked into getting a rehab loan?


I think you are thinking football (Arizona Cardinals). St. Louis Cardinals are baseball. :slight_smile: (i.e. Mark McGuire played for them)

The baseball Cardinals are still a team? Does Stan Musial still play for them?

LOL…it was a joke! One of my best friends from the Army is a huge Cardinals fan!