The Science of Probate??

I have been reading around the net and also this forum and I’m a bit confused on the process of investing in Probate properties.

Here is what I think I know

*Pobate is a process that takes place after a persons death

*Probate records are public records

*A probate property is sold by the heirs of the estate?

Here are my questions:

1)What are the diffrent ways to find probate properties
I have seen that probate is listed in the paper and records are available at courthoused. Are there any other resources to tap such as banks?

  1. Who do I purchace the property from.
    From what I’ve seen, Probate is sold by many diffrent sources (heirs, counties, ect) Is there a prefered seller here?

I hope these questions are not too vauge. Please let me know if I am mistaken in any part of my post. Any response would be greatly appreciated.


I’d go to this web site…owned by Mark Walters a 3rd generation real estate investor. He has a video on probate. Just go to the middle of the page and he can ansewer your question.

Good luck ;D
John Young
Austin, TX