I get calls all the time from people who want a LOT more than I’m willing to pay for their property. I use a little Jedi mind trick to leave a POSITIVE IMPRESSION with them before the call ends.

These calls usually go like this…

Them: WE would like to get $175,000 for our house.

Me: I understand…But I need to be honest with you. I can’t come anywhere NEAR that number…I pride myself on not wasting people’s time and being very honest. I would rather be straight with you than give you a sales pitch. Here’s the problem for ME…I will make you an offer on your home but I want you to PROMISE ME you won’t be insulted by it. Instead…Look at this offer as a SAFETY NET…It’s only there if you NEED IT…If you can get more for your property, that’s GREAT!!! BUT…If you can’t and you need to use your SAFETY NET…Just dial those 7 numbers and know that at the other end of that phone is $70,000.

I can’t tell you how many people that have called me MONTHS or even a YEAR after I had this conversation with them. I QUALIFY all these people before hand so I know they have the equity in the property to accept this offer…The question then becomes WILL THEY…all you can do is make the offer, lay out your reasons for that offer and leave a POSITIVE IMPRESSION.


Very comforting to these people…VERY POSITIVE…and you leave them feeling SECURE instead of INSULTED!!!

GOLD my friends…GOLD!!

  I've been listening to your advice for years, all little nugets. Thanks for posting.

awesome work fdjake…awesome.


Everyone print up that “Safety Net” buying conversation and put it by your phone. Practice it. FDJake is teaching us all how to do it.


but I want you to PROMISE ME you won't be insulted by it

that’s a highly skilled negotiator…still think he makes the short list for negotiating the “China Account”…no :bs:

furnished is right…use up some toner on that one.


thanks again…fdjake…

gold…pure GLD:


Very good advice. Jake you still lurk this board?

Very good advice.

especially when… a p p l i e d.