the rehabbing process

Could someone please outline the process of rehabbing for me. I’ve read a lot here on the forum, but I would like to just have the process outilined in order. Do you start with finding financing? Or go make offers? After watching the Property Ladder marathon yesterday I’m convinced I can do this, just would like some direction on where to start.


I’m new to rehab but I have been working on financing for months now and I have not went to look at my first deal. so I would say look for deals put contract on the properties of intrest remamber the conts… to get out of the contract if its not worth pursueing…Continginceis could incluse Financing ARV and some others I’m not sure on but Ive personaly wasted months looking for financing for my rehabs but I have no property to rehab…first find the property do your du dill’s then if you need to purchase it then worry about financing until then you are just wasting time and time is money… hope this helps

If you haven’t seen this already, it should be of some help.


Offers look a lot better if you’re already pre-approved for a loan. Especially assuming your offers arent gonna be the highest, the seller should at least feel confident that you wont have trouble getting the loan.

I would always get preapproved 1st, that way the seller knows your offer will hold water.

You can do this at the same time you are looking for properties to put under contract.