The recipe for Real Estate wealth

Grab a big pot, fill it up with water, boil it high heat, grab a pan, drizzle some Italian olive oil, put at low heat, chop some garlic, and halipeno peper, throw garlic and halipeno in pan, open up a can of San marzano Tomato’s, pour can of tomatoes in pan, make sure that garlic does not burn in pan before throwing tomatoes in pan, next you will stir tomato sauce, next throw in some tomato paste, stir, get some salt throw in sauce, keep stiring, add some red wine half cup, keep stiring,(with wooden spoon) add more salt,keep stiring, add some water,keep at low flame,stir, for 30 minutes, throw a box of Barilla pasta in boiling water, make sure to add salt and a dash of italian olive oil in boiling water first, stir pasta in water, for at least 15 minutes, next once pasta is soft, get a big spoon with strain holes on it, scoop up pasta with some of its boiling water and throw it in pan of sauce mix pasta with sauce, grind some black ground peeper on pasta, make sure to mix pasta with sauce, next grab pan of pasta, throw it inlarge bowl, next grab some grated parmesian cheese on to pasta, grab some wine pour into glass and your ready to eat.