The Reality of US Property Management… 4 Part Series

The current real estate market is offering up some excellent returns. Whether your interest lies in Commercial Units, or Single Family Homes, there are literally million’s of deals available to you, each and every day.
What happens in these types of scenario’s, is investors will just jump on the very 1st deal, without doing proper research. I am not referring to the property itself, I am referring to the proper research on management companies, and construction professionals. With so many deals available, you should no longer be in the mindset, to jump on the 1st deal.
The fact of the matter is well over 50% of investments fall apart, not because of the deal itself, but because of poor management or a very poor renovation. Your first step should be locating and securing the best property manager for the property, and making sure the renovations are done professionally, not necessarily the cheapest.
Stay Tuned over the next few weeks, as I will reveal to each and every one of you, the very things you need to know about investing in the US, as well as locating that quality manager, to handle your investments, properly.
I will expose the problems within property management that lead to so many failed portfolios, but it will give you the information you need to make a wise decision.

Really? Can’t wait. :rolleyes