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 Has anybody heard of this group?  They propose to teach you how to become a bird dog for a fee.  They propose to give you all the training and has a contact person named Peter Veksleman.  

 Any and all help appreciated.

How much do they charge?

How to become a birddog:

Lesson #1: Locate investors in your area that want to work with birddogs and are willing to pay you a finder’s fee for locating possible deals. TIP: call the “we buy…” guys and join your local REIA group. TIP#2: go to the RE auctions in your area and make a point to speak to the people that bid. In most cases, they are investors.

Lesson #2: Locate properties. Drive around looking for vacant, abandoned houses. Let everyone that you know know that you are looking for properties.

Lesson #3: Give investor the lead(s). NOTE: it is the investor’s job to a) decide if the lead is a deal or not and to b) actually do the deal.

That’ll be half of whatever they’re charging, please :slight_smile: