The process

I know this is probably a stupid question. But I REALLY want to break into the game. That first step is very hard. I feel I should start out Bird dogging. But how do you find these properties. Should I go to the courthouse and look at the pre-forclosures, should I randomly drive around until I see a house in need or repair and then check the pricing for homes in the area.(and…how do I get prices for homes in the area)

What I really need is something that helps with the starting process. I have read many books that tell you what to do once you are in the game and such. But starting out seems like the big step. Getting the feet wet with one deal.

You’ve already taken the first step! (It’s the second one that trips people up.)

Seriously, everything you mentioned doing in your first paragraph IS the next step. Just find a niche you are comfortable with and start networking. For example, you drive around and see an empty property with overgrown lawn, circulars at the door step, maybe a smashed window - what is your next step?

Consider putting an “I buy houses” type ad in the paper. I hesitated for a long time doing that because there are about 30/week in the area I’m in. I finally broke down last week and did it (running it for a month), I got 4 calls the first week. None of them deals yet, but it’s nice to have stuff come to you.