The Obama Deception (must watch video)

I have been on and off reading these forums for quiet a bit. Honestly, I have learned so much about real estate, stocks (confusing :anon) and politics. I am young but old enough to decide with my own judgment to consider what is to be true or false. The reason I am here because I am more in depth in progressing financially, especially right now with the “perfect storm” recession. BUT I stumble upon this video by accident (maybe) and for those who take time to watch it (it’s long) I only got one question IS it REALLY that bad? Pretty discouraging. Feels like they have clips taken out context or I may be wrong.

I loved the film, but i’ve already found some things that were wrong. Watch it and do your own research!

The JFK assassination theory is wrong.

There is a lot of info to debunk the FEMA camps, have you seen glen beck lately? BUT THERE IS LEGISLATION to approve of such camps. Nobody is arguing this:

I watched parts 1-4 of that a few weeks ago on youtube before I got distracted and moved on to something else. I’m not 100% impressed by Obama so far but I think Alex Jones is pretty out there. I heard him hawking some kind of “hybrid seeds” on a radio commercial to prepare for a “great collapse”. I don’t know if he can be taken seriously. One part of the movie that’s kind of amusing is when there’s a bunch of people protesting outside the Bilderburg conference.

If you haven’t read the book, make sure you see this movie.

Can you picture Obama on every channel on your tv? With no power off switch?

I haven’t read the book. I’ll check out the vids.

Anyone here know how I can join the Bilderberg group or the illuminatti, please sign me up.