The Note Business

I am a father of three looking for a way to make some extra cash. I keep getting e-mails and books in the mail from Russ Dalbey saying I can purchase his course for $97. I would like to know if it is worth it, or is this something I can start on my own. I must say I have virtually no money to risk, and according to what Russ sends me I don’t need any to learn this and put it to good use. Can someone please educate me, and tell me if this is a way I can make some extra money, or is it just a infomertial dream.

Thanks to anyone who can Inform the Inexperienced Ediot

Ediot? Your to hard on yourself. I was in the spot as you about 1.5 yrs ago. I bought the course after only them harassing me to buy it. I ended up buying it for 23 bucks. I was very tight on money much like yourself. I figured at that price I could afford it. They will come down in price if you are patient.


No matter what you do, make sure you love it and treat it as a business. Don’t expect overnight success. It takes time.

I think Russ is just a information sales person. Search on the net for a company that actually buys notes and maybe they have a broker program that you can join and learn.

ok, here is a little advice I would like for you to know if you buy a system make sure you have some consultan help for a year or less. That way they motivate you. Ok, somewhere in this forum, I found out a site that you can learn from.

It is a great way to make money. The information he gives you in his course is very general and you probably have to have some prior knowlege in order to take off running with it with just the course itself. They also offer a coaching program that is super valuable. It costs a couple grand, but if you don’t have it you are on a crash course that will just waste your time and money. I didn’t have the money either so I took out a loan and they pay you back the tuition after you complete the 10th deal. They help you through all ten. They tell you EXACTLY how to do everything. I’m completing my first deal where I’m going to make about 3000. Someone once said to me that “THe definition of insanity is expecting things to change while doing things exactly the same.” Make a decision and make it happen you can do it. Have some faith in yourself.