The newest guy

Can someone please explain the most basic roles and principles of their interaction within Real Estate realm. As you can see I am really really new, young, and a foreigner on top of all. What is ‘realtor’, ‘real estate agent’, or ‘real estate investor’ and how do those three interact? I feel it will sound very stupid to most of you, but any responses will be appreiciated. Thank you :slight_smile:

A “Realtor” is a registered tradermark term that is given to members of the local board of Realtors.

A Real Estate Agent is a person with a license to practice the sale of real estate in exchange for commissions–they are usually required to work for a Real Estate Broker for a certain period of time before they can take the test to become either a broker or an associate broker.

A Real Estate Investor is a private individual who buys, sells, and/or rents real estate for profit.