The Newbie Wholesaler Competitors don't play Fair.

Every Spring & early summer It seems there are a handful of new humanoids trying to get into wholesaling, advertising on Craig’s List and they keep deleting my posts. It used to bother the frik out of me, but then I realized I get most my deals from direct mail, bird dogs and bandit signs etc. In 3 years I’ve only got 2 or 3 deals from my Craig’s List ads.

Usually these newbies don’t have the mindset & persistence and don’t last long, especially when they realize it’s not as easy as the guru’s said it wud be.

Last year about this time same thing, my posts were deleted almost as fast as I cud post them, but I was relentless, I just kept posting, finally they got tired of flagging me. Or gave up completely, is what I think happened.

I made a killing last year and I expect to do much better this year. Despite the half ass efforts of the low level wana bee’s
Can’t we just get along?
I have 3 in escrow now. Just closed on 1.

Let’s make some Money.