The mother wants to talk to me?? First Wholesale Deal

I just did an offer for a wholesale deal. The mother called, left a message, and asked me to call her, regarding the offer I sent to her daughter. I called the seller (daughter), and left a message as to why her mother called me…

Although, this is my first wholesale deal, its a big un. There is a $200k spread from asking to ARV.
I would like your advise on whether or not to talk to the mother.

why would you talk to her? Is her daughter willing to get the deal going? If she is, then ignore. Or are you sensing backpedaling on her part?

Maybe she’s trying to sell you more properties way under market value, but I doubt it. More than likely, she wants to give you a sob story so you can offer more.

The mother said that the daughter emailed her the contract. I think the daughter is young. The husband lost his job. They want out for the balance due, which is $450k It’s a 5000 sq ft house, excellent area.

Why did you email the contract rather than be there and get it signed right away?

Sounds like the mother wants to know why the offer is too low, or has questions about the deal. I would get permission from the daughter first to talk to the mother (call the mom and tell her that) as a respect of the daughter’s privacy. I would then explain the deal to the mother.

Since you do not have a signed contract, you have to resell your offer to the mother now. Can you justify your offer?

The offer was for the payoff.

Maybe the mother wants to buy it!

call… what could it hurt