The Millionaire Real Estate Investor

Folks, you got to read Gary Keller’s new book, which just came off the press, The Millionaire Real Estate Investor. It is great. It is all about models and systems to achieve your goals in investing. It is based on extensive conversations with top investors around the country.

Kenneth Fach

Thanks for the info! I’m always glad to read a good, informative book.

I got a copy for free from my RE agent when I closed on a HUD foreclosure. I think its an excellent book. It isn’t a detailed book on RE investing methods (e.g., Sub2, L/O, REO’s), but more of a book on how to approach the business.

I have it sitting in my room right now. It’s the next book I read. I wanted to read “Millionaire Real Estate Investor” by Russ Whitney and “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” first. I was kinda wary about reading Keller’s book because I thought it was gonna be the same as Whitney, thanks for info though.

I thought it was a synposis of other great books where I learned a lot more about investing. He interviewed a lot of agents who provided similar information found in 6% Solution, Kiosaki’s books, Investing, etc.

Maybe beginners find it great since it’s on the best seller list and at the top of Amazon. I felt like I wasted my money on hype…and I work for Keller Williams, so would love to support Gary Keller. Seems a little overrated, but maybe it’s not to whoever the audience is.

The only people who get “rich” from these kind of books are the Publisher and the Author. I never trusted a “get rich quick” or any kind of investment book. I tend to find a market and figure out how to do it on my own. No books! If the books were so great, why aren’t the author’s making tons of cash in real estate instead of publishing?

does anyone know of any really informative rei books?

I am looking for an resource book that will give a blue print of purchasing stratgy(ies).

Right on…

The way to make $ is to know contracts, deeds, etc., etc. information that you can get for free…then when the opportunity presents itself YOU will be ready! These other folks may have been successful but you will never be able to duplicate ALL the variables that led to their success. You must create your own set of circumstances and with true, detailed knowledge YOU will be successful!

I agree, Cobblestone. Each investor seems to be unique in choosing their own path to success. Some have buy and hold strategies, others like rehabs, others like notes. Even if you have a similar general strategy, our marketing methods or target areas are often different or we use different financing methods. Add residential versus commercial and you have another layer.

I like re investing because it definitely has many paths to success. This website is actually one of the best resources of reading about investing and also provides a product catalog.