The Messiah

is now our leader.

Any prediction how things are going to go now? :evil

Please don’t blaspheme the true and living God by calling ANY human “the Messiah”.


Messiah: One who is anticipated as, regarded as, or professes to be a savior or liberator.

I believe Obama would fit that deffinition.

America is changing for the better…hopefully everyone reguardless of there beliefs can come together as Americans…its a beautiful thing because it inspires millions of young people and old people…black, white,tan,green or whatever to DREAM BIG because anything is possible in the USA!!!

DREAM BIG because anything is possible in the USA!!!

Nonsense…This election was bought…Barack has a more questionable past than any other candidate in U.S. History…Savor the flavor,Barack will be a one term President…

I don’t care what any human or website defines the word “Messiah” as, but I agree wholeheartedly with stevie-o that we should not use that term to describe our President-elect or any other human for that matter.
I also agree w/ rookie. I think the overall liberal media was so biased toward him that most Americans didn’t hear a lot of things they should have heard about him. If Obama was a Republican, I honestly believe he would’ve been thoroughly ridiculed by the media and not stood a chance. I think plenty of Americans were dissatisfied with a lot of things about our country and voted as far away from what we had as possible.
Democrats have sole power now. This could be a wild ride with lots of changes (not necessarily for the better).
In all fairness, now it’s his turn. He gets his chance to lead the country. Hopefully he makes the best of it and some positive changes will come. A high percentage of campaign promises never come to fruition so I don’t expect him to be quite as revolutionary as he claims.
I just hope that at the end of the day Americans will still have a reason to be motivated to better themselves and provide a better life for their families. I think one of the key dangers of a Socialistic approach is for people to lack reason to try harder and do better. If the government is going to take all the money from people who chose to get an education which resulted in a better paying job and “re-distribute the wealth” to people who lack any motivation to get off their couch, stop collecting welfare, and do something for themselves to better their situation - what reason will people have to go to college and try to make more of their lives? I’m all for giving people opportunities to succeed. If he wants to make college more affordable so more people have a chance at a better job, great. If he’s simply going to play Robin Hood with motivated people who earn more because they chose to better themselves, I think things will ultimately go south.

Keith Olbermann and Rachel Madow are probably making sweet love tonight somewhere to celebrate their victory…

If the government is going to take all the money from people who chose to get an education which resulted in a better paying job and "re-distribute the wealth" to people who lack any motivation to get off their couch, stop collecting welfare, and do something for themselves to better their situation - what reason will people have to go to college and try to make more of their lives?

You’re not going to make a good little socialist with talk like that, Comrade Justin. Maybe some time in a re-education camp will do you some good. Now repeat after me: “From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs”.

Good Luck,

Comrade Mike

As somebody who was working the polls yesterday in Indiana, I can tell you 1 thing.

Mccain supporters were 99% of the time, the more intelligent ones.

Whenever I see a Obama supporter I would say “Why you want Socialism?.” And out of the hundreds that I asked… I bet maybe only a dozen knew what Socialism is.

Obama won because he is black, and because he has that nice silky warm feeling voice. Thats the only reason. If it were about the issues, it would have been a different story.(Mccain wouldnt of been in there either.)

The problem is that this is a red herring. In the movie Men in Black the statement was made the people are dumb a person is smart. That is so true. We are so dumb that we have to have the adult equivalent of Garanimals (A clothing brand that matches what goes with what by matching pictures of animals on shirts to the same picture on pants etc) so that we know what we are looking at. If we get into what we want the issues to be Americans get lost very easily. One example is that Obama won because he is Black. Is he Black? His mom was White and his dad was African. Is that configuration different from what you think of as Black? A Black person has both parents Black. But your first instinct is to say he looks Black so he is Black (Garanimals). Well during the 1960 there were Blacks that looked white and passed as white. Where they actually white or where they Black (Garanimals)? What about a person makes him Black or white? I contend that Obama is passing as Black.

Another Garanimal issue is socialism. We all want socialism but we have been Garanimaled out of understanding what we want. Socialism means that the government should redistribute wealth for the greater good of society. For example the government takes my money and uses it to fix the roads in front of your house it also pays for the air traffic control system so that planes don’t run into each other, and pays for prisons to keep bad guys so they can’t get out. I fly so I like air traffic control, but you don’t, I don’t drive on your street so I don’t want to pay to fix it. I don’t care if you let criminals out because I have a gun but you don’t want them at your family. So we agree that we need some redistribution of wealth. The decisions as to how much we want is a more apt discussion, but that is not a discussion of socialism that is a topic called politics. Politics is the venue where we decide who much to tax and how much to spend and where.

So what we have is either a Garanimal knee jerk reaction from a jerk or a thinking man’s discussion of politics. Do we have enough thinking men to have one of those discussions? I think not.

There are some hurt people on this board today!

That was actually a really good post - even though I have no idea what the hell is a Garanimal. It touches on something I find really disheartening which is the deliberate manipulation of words —> concepts. We should be debating philisophically. What qualifications are important in a president? What should the role of the U.S. be in the world? Instead we just argue the meanings of words…experience, judgement, change, socialist, timetables, appeasement, victory, cut and run, flip-flopper etc. These words become detached from their original definitions due to political labeling, and end up meaning something different to everyone.

We argue back and forth about which is better victory or cut-and-run, but these are just partisan labels for non-partisan ideas. The people get so caught up at slapping these labels on everything, no real discussion can ever take place without insulting someone. We will never reach the root of any problem using this formula, but as evidenced in the first half dozen posts in this very thread, it’s not likely to change any time soon either.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Garanimals is the name of a line of children’s clothing separates, started in 1972 by Garan Incorporated. Each item of clothing features a hang-tag depicting one of several anthropomorphic animal characters, also called Garanimals. The philosophy behind Garanimals is that by making it easy for children to choose coordinated outfits by themselves (by choosing pieces with matching hang-tags), children gain self-confidence.

Excellent post BlueMoon!!

Isn’t it about time we all “man up” (sorry ladies), quit finger pointing and look for solutions instead of acting like kid’s on the playground?

I know that human nature lends us towards finding fault in others, but maybe it is time for us to help find solutions/build relationships rather than look for fault in others.

I know that I am thankful that I am not faced with the challenges and decisions that he or any President will be faced with. No matter what you do, you are going to piss off someone.

here’s hoping that the next 4 years are an answer to everyone’s needs

I will now step off my soap box…

There are some hurt people on this board today!

Hurt?..When Bush won the last 2 elections I had to hear every whining liberal btch complain how they were moving to Canada etc…How the election was stolen,how Bush did this and that…Along comes Barack with his exceptional speaking skills and his terrorist pals,his out of the country birth,his association to ACORN,Resco,Reverend Wright,his distribution of wealth,his higher taxes…I’m going to enjoy hearing the whining liberal btches keep complaining when Barack can’t turn this economy around,how he inherited it etc…U bet your a$$ I’m mad…He is a modern day Robin Hood…Take from the responsible and give to irresponsible…What a plan Barack !..He complains about needing to bailout Main street ,Main street was broke during boom times so who cares if they are broke now…Maybe Barack can call up Bill Ayers and get some more advice…It’s beyond me what you liberals see in this guy other than he is an exceptional speaker…What he stands for will cripple our economy…But I guess if you are broke then Barack is your man…

It’s strange how something so simple as the way you worded your post can bring back some memories I’d rather not have. It’s like I can hear you reading that post to me with a certain “accent” only some here would understand.
I will try to read the materials to edumacate myself. :slight_smile:


Are you kidding me???

If you won the Presidency of the United States and SET OUT on DAY ONE to INTENTIONALLY screw this country up as bad as it has ever been screwed up…

You COULD NOT have done a better job than DUBYA!!

You play the hand your DEALT, not the one you WANT.
For cripes sake… Stop the WHINNING and DEAL with the reality…

Your beloved George W. single handedly DESTROYED the once GREAT Republican party. It will take DECADES for them to recover from this.
HE did it…with some help from some of THE WORST Cabinet appointments in HISTORY. From Rumsfeld who totally disregarded THE BEST MILITARY leaders IN THE WORLD (our GENERALS) who had a REAL PLAN for the invasion of Iraq that would have NEVER seen almost 5000 kids DEAD) to that DOPE Scudder Libby who RATTED OUT an ACTIVE CIA agent. (that piece of sh*T should have been sent to prison for LIFE, not disbarred) to Our soon to be INDICTED EX- ATTORNEY GENERAL…

At LEAST Obama is a whole lot smarter than “W” He actually got into Harvard ON HIS OWN. DUBYA rode into YALE on DADDY’S coat tails and BARELY Graduated (solid “C” student :beer). My all time FAVORITE “W” story is how the U.S. TAX PAYERS spent almost $1,000,000 (in todays money) on a flight school education for Doofus, and he couldn’t even show up for his monthly Air National Guard trainging over the HOSTILE skys of TEXAS during the Viet Nam war :banghead :banghead :banghead

Save the whinning…George SCREWED YOU…Not Obama

You need to check your facts. News to youis the Hawaii is a part of this country. Obama was born in Hawaii. Oh by the way McCain was not born in the country. He was born in Panama.

ACORN is a very good organization. We all talk about people not being a burden to society. ACORN helps low income people find homes, jobs, and even register to vote. It hires the people it helps. These people are not the sharpest tools in the drawer and as such you get a product that is not top rate. Have you ever been to a McDonalds in the inner city? The service is not what you find in the McDonalds in your neighborhood. The training is the same it is the employees that make the difference. Their understanding of what a good job is is different. I would be proud to be associated with ACORN (I am just too lazy to go down there and work with them)

This is just like I say, instead of us learning what is going on, we jump on trigger words like pavlov’s dogs.

It amazes me how you claim that he is Robin Hood when he hasnt even taken office yet! It make more sense to be mad at the CURRENT administration who have gotten us in this mess! If anybody is ROBIN HOOD its the people on Wall Street and George W. Bush…this guy violates the constitution,sell his soul to the Saudis, has a VP who pretty much DID WHATEVER HE WANTED TO…and this is the legacy you wanted to continue??..

How can you honestly say “who cares if they are broke now” that is the same IRRESPONSIBLE ideals that HELPED Obama get elected! Its pure GREED that gotten us into this mess…all of you who lived off of reaganomics for the past EIGHT YEARS it FAILED…there is NO WAY you can complain about a handout to Main Street…and justify a bailout package to people on Wall street, who not only got a free ride for eight years, got fat off of Main Street, but then also needed another 1 TRILLION DOLLARS in HANDOUTS to maintain!!! WHO IS REALLY THE IRRESPONSIBLE HERE???

The American people have spoken…I guess there are ALOT of broke people in America because they ALL voted for Obama

How do you know RookieNYC? You are already 0 for 1 because you thought McCain was going to win.

Oh really? So if Obama won because he was black why didn’t Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson win years ago? Did you ask any of your McCain supporters what Socialism is?

Barack Obama may not be a natural-born U.S. citizen, which under the Constitution would make him ineligible for the presidency. The charge consists of two elements: (1) He was not born in Hawaii, as he has claimed, but in Kenya. His mother and father were visiting Kenya, and she was unable to fly back to Hawaii for his birth because she was in an advanced stage of pregnancy. (2) U.S. law at the time said that a child born overseas to a U.S. citizen parent and a non-citizen parent was a natural born U.S. citizen only if the citizen parent was at least 19 years of age. Ann Dunham Obama was 18 when her son was born. The article also says that Obama’s Kenyan relatives, his paternal grandmother, half-brother and half-sister, have claimed that he was born in Kenya.

If Barack was born in Kenya, that would explain the mystery of why his campaign has not published his birth certificate That’s why I find this story plausible. (Or, rather, the birth certificate that has been presented as his has been said to be fraudulent–I have not followed the birth certificate story before today, except for hearing that there was a problem with his birth certificate that had not been satisfactorily resolved.).