The greatest ways to sell fast, sight unseen

I thought this would be a great place to share ideas on marketing powerful ideas on how to get a house flipped quickly with very little inspection period if any…all suggestions welcomed!

here are some of my own thoughts on the central tenets of marketing property to people unseen-

  1. Just like anything to be sold in the general world, there must be a high perceived value of the property in the mind of the buyer, and even more powerfully, if you can tap into the emotional value it may have to the buyer, you most likely have a very easily sold house. In this regard, presentation of sub-categories of value is a sure way to attract broad interest. This can be done via virtual walk-throughs, comprehensive new pictures and a clear demonstration of how this property will work for the broadest spectrum of buyers. Crunch the numbers for them conservatively (show all comps projected and present), emotional value (family angles, remodelling appeal- give suggestion of idyllic cosmetic upgrades to dramatically increase the value), recurring cashflow value for astute investors/landlords, capital gains value(multiply the current value in today’s figures by 1.06)- assuming the cap gains are @6 percent, durability value- block or frame…

I think the secret to selling a house which is unseen by the buyer is to primarily allay buyers’ fears, give them the impression that you have (and make sure you do) do all due dilligence for them, or as much as practicably possible!, and provide them with a quality investment while still factoring in your profit.

Compound this with a deeply discounted house with a very realistic current market valuation using an average derived from zillow, cyberhomes, realquest, eppraisals and contemporary TAV vs ARV

Compound this with a simply worded copy, that plainly and clearly demonstrates exactly what the buyer will receive beneath the hype and gloss

optional- compound this with a gift of extreme perceived value
(in my first ever flip (from Australia to a Cash buyer in the US) I offered them a lot of land nearby the house I had cheaply purchased off ebay, as a way of saying thankyou for doing business with me. The land cost less than $600 but my assignment fee was close to 10k

Compound this with a thorough commitment to do all (some) of the preparatory work for them and help them through the process all the way, and follow up with them.

Please add all your suggestions here as wild and as seemingly dumb as you think they are…lets brainstorm the one factor which gets your wholesale deal done…- MARKETING!

I’m curious about this topic. I have seen many seemingly obivous wholesalers on the internet. Their websites say that they buy all types of houses and to contact them. They go further to say they’ll have an offer to you in 24 hours or less. how can you move that quickly and make an offer that fast? alsmost sounds like they are not even looking at the house.