The Federal Reserve- Fact or Fiction? This is a must read!

For those of you who haven’t read The Creature from Jekyll Island here is good article explaining what the Federal Reserve is. Opinions?

That is a very interesting site you linked. I have had that bookmarked for about 6 months now slowly picking through the info.


No need for opinions when the facts are clear. The Federal Reserve IS a private bank that is owned by member banks. It creates money out of thin air and then charges the American taxpayer for doing so. The constitution gives the authority to print money to the congress and therefore the Fed is unconstitutional. During the recent “crisis”, the Fed was complicit in STEALING TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS FROM THE AMERICAN PEOPLE! It should be abolished and everyone associated with it thrown in prison (and that’s exactly what they’re risking in the coming collapse and revolution).

I have a CD of a talk by G. Edward Griffin about the Federal Reserve system that I have permission to copy and distribute. I have given them to a few highly educated people and have solicited feedback. I tell them that it would be helpful to me if they would listen for some factual errors, fallacies, or misrepresentations. After the initial shock and skepticism, none have found any!! Just like on this board!!