The FBI Called

My favorite buyer is a Realtor/Broker named Seth. He will buy the crap properties that other investors don’t want. This guy has made me well over 120-140 Grand in the last 18 months. He is wholesaling my deals to out of town Investors.
Earlier this year the Title girl Sherane emails and tells me they will no longer be doing business with Seth and they cancelled a few of the deals that were ready to close.

Then I started hearing rumors that Seth was being sued. Nobody was telling me anything.

Sherane the title girl actually warns me to steer clear from Seth.

Seemed like Seth was laying low for 3-4 months but then soon he starts taking on some of my deals again. I didn’t want to kick him to the curb, after all I felt I wasn’t doing any illegal activities and I like all that Cash money & after all, nobody else wanted some of these deals.
A few months ago Seth calls me and wants me to call his buyers on a deal that went south. A multi Million multi unit deal.
I called the buyers and told them it was my deal and we cud get this done without the big Real Estate fee that Seth was getting.
I got the deal back on track, it closed and Seth and I split $20 Grand. Well, he may have got more, there were no contracts and he gave me a personal check.I did feel a like sleezy but the buyer saved a ton of money, seller was happy and Seth and I also.

Just a few weeks ago I got a new deal going and sent it to Sherane, she calls and wants to know if Seth is involved and I tell her no, she says good, cuz I wont do it. I ask wat’s the dang story on Seth, she tells me, he’s a crook, and the FBI called me asking questions about him.
She asks if I’m still doing deals with Seth, I laugh and say, I just made 30 Grand last month and over 120K in the last year and a half. She again warns me to distance myself. I tell her, what about being innocent until proven guilty?
She then says, I’m not going to say any more.

Then this morning I get a call from a lady named Valarie, she says she and her partner Tom purchased the 2 properties last month that I assigned to Seth and made the 30K. She seen my name on the closing statements and decided to call me.
She then tells me that Seth has left her out in the street on those. I ask her to tell me more. Then she says she don’t want to incriminate anyone.
Anyways we had a nice chat and she wants to buy directly from me.
She and Tom want to meet for coffee. I wonder if they are just fishing for info on Seth.
When I was in Seth’s office a few months ago he tells me he wants to get out of being a Realtor and do what I’m doing.
But on the surface it looks like he’s doing great, he’s got the big house with the pool and landscaping while I’m still in a working class neighborhood.

It’s never boring around here…
Let’s make some Money…


Be VERY CAREFUL, with the FBI involved…it just may be that your cell number will have nothing to do with a phone.