The end buyer's financing for A-B B-C deals

I have heard that FHA waived 90-day title seasoning. Does that mean that we can get the end buyer with FHA loan for back-to-back closing?
I have heard that most conventional lenders do not allow back-to-back closing nowadays. Is it right? Are there any conventioanl lender to allow the back-to-back closing?
IF not, should we get cash buyers to close the back-to-back closing?
If anyone knows, please let me know what conventional lenders allow the back-to-back closing and how I market and get to the end buyer.
Thank you.

Nobody has any experience of A-B B-C closing with end buyer’s financing problem?
If you have any good advice, please hsare with me.
Thank you.

You can do a back to back close with a buyer going thru the bank for funding.The thing is,you have to hold title long enough for the underwriter to do their job. You will need flash funding for atleast 30 days(give or take).


I was not much experience to this can any one tell me about i want to get a plenty of information on it.