The Difference Is.....

My son is getting his own personal residence ready to sell. I’m sitting there watching him remove carpet, cut it into strips, roll them up and carry them out.

I was feeling this nagging feeling that “something is not right”. Then it hit me. The backing of the carpet is a solid light, almost white color. Solid. Not a speck or spot on it. I’ve never seen used carpet with clean backing before. 10 year old house, 3 dogs living there, not an obsessive housekeeper (although not a slob), and there is not a single stain anywhere on the carpet. There is no 1/2 thick layer of dirt under the pad. The pad doesn’t stink. There is not one stain on the sub floor.

And the difference is … owner occupied and not a rental.

Every time I’ve changed carpet in a rental, it is disgusting. Massive stains on the carpet backing, dozens of moisture stains on the sub floor, reeking carpet pad, and a substantial layer of dirt underneath the pad. I don’t have tenants who appear to be slobs, but they are sure hard on carpeting.

As I remove carpet from the rentals, I am replacing it with wood or Allure, and hoping that works out. At least I won’t have to be grossed out by the carpet any more.

Was there a question here?


The question was the condition of owner occupied vs non owner occupied rentals?


Just sharing experiences.