The Current Real Estate Market!

I’m wondering what investors are really thinking about out there when it comes to today’s market! Is it safe to investor or not? Let me know what you think. As I’m just curious. There is no right or wrong answer. If you have better answer choices, then let me know because I was in a little bit of a hurry! :shocked Think about your answer! Check back often to see what others had to say. If they decided to answer, that is…

Happy New Year!

P.S. I never did a poll on here, so I don’t know if you can reply and justify your answer, but if you can, then please do so. I’m sure many will be curious!

Although I am waiting to get back to the States before I do any investing, I would think anytime you find a property that shows it can work and make you money, doesnt need to be dependant on the market. Im probably wrong though. Also, It seems like if you have the means, right now would be the best time to get the deals.

Now is a GREAT time to buy!

Use the market as a negotiationg tool…"Mrs. Jones, as you know, the market is TERRIBLE right now, and probably going to get worse…

Use all of the gloom and doom to your advantage. Make lower offers- people are biting.


I’d be buying as much as possiible except the sellers around here haven’t lost their nerve yet. Prices haven’t gone down-- which I suppose is a big reduction, to not be going up 30% per year , any more.

BUY BUY BUY :cool…but buy smart! Some of the best deals are out there right now, so don’t fall into the “media frenzy”, get educated and dive in the water man! You will hear some of the great investors always say they can make more money in a down market so GO FOR IT!

What area are you in?
I guess in every area a motivated buyer makes for that much better of an investment, no?
I am a mortgage broker and I have seen a large upsurge of investment financing and refinancing in this market.

This id certainly the time to build long term wealth… think of history, and your answer sits there…