The Cruise! The Cruise! The Cruise!

I am going on the National REIA Investor Winter Cruise Feb. 6-13. This is my first ever cruise and I am as excited as a kid expecting Santa AND the Easter Bunny.

The ship: Enormous. A marvel of nautical engineering.
The ice skating rink
The rock climbing wall
The ROYAL PROMENADE (finally I get to stroll with the Queen!)
The 6 hot tubs
The hair dryers
The 12 bars (we did the math-- 2 per day, but we are tough)
The spa
The grilled lobsters

Also, Dr. Albert Lowery, Don DeRosa, and a bunch of other real live gurus! Everything tax-deductible!

Plus, REIA just called me and I will be hosting? talking? at the Q&A Roundtable on Feb.8th, at 3:30 PM. They must have run out of gurus.

So if you are there, and you want to learn “How to Double or Triple Your Income With Furnished Rentals” I can be your guru, too. Who knew?!



Congrats!! Sounds like a great venture. Have fun teaching b/c often times I feel I learn the most when I am trying to teach others on how to do things. It allows yourself to look within a little bit and search how you can be doing things better and more effectively. Also, have fun learning a great deal… Make sure to keep notes of those “gold nuggets” of information that you learn so that you can share them with the rest of your reiclub friends!!

Have Fun and RELAX :cool

ok…I’ll admit…

I’m a little jealous about the grilled lobster… :evil

Have a great time.

btw…(I forget)…where are you sailing to?


That’s great, you are going to have so much fun! I sure wish I could go! Next time, next time…

The cruise goes from Galveston Harbor to Roatan, Honduras (an island), then Belize City and Cozumel. 6 days and nights of relaxation, sun and fun!

I have spoken to our local Realtors Association about furnished rentals, and also on this site. I am curious if there will be interest from this broader segment of real estate investors. Yeah, I could probably talk all day, but mostly I will be answering their questions.