The credit deletion boom!?

Has anyone used this service or no someone who has? I’ve heard a lot about the insides to this service. I understand the fix it urself credit stuff, etc. I ONLY want to know if anyone has used this service(that will admit it anyway). No speeches pls. I’m not an ::slight_smile:

I send anyone who needs credit repair/consulting to these guys:

haven’t had any complaints - everyone I have sent has been happy with the results.

good luck!

I send my clients to

I personally have done some credit deletion for myself, and some of my clients(for free).

For myself I only had a 10-15 point increase, but that was because most of my negatives were new. One of my clients who had some 4-5 year old stuff went from a 520 to a 597, 592, 601 within 2 months!

So yes it works, but it really depends on the credit of the person doing it.