The credit card saga

Well, I applied. I was able to have a nice line of credit available to leverage. Thanks for all who helped/gave advice.

FYI - Home depot participates in universal default. Be sure to read your small print folks. It literally says "we can raise your interest rate for any reason at any time. "

How about those apples? lol

Well that’s no different than any other credit card. They can raise rates but they have to compete with other cards. You can easily transfer the balance to a card with a more favorable rate. But Home Depot does have an option that allows no pmts. for 1 year for items over $300… I haven’t looked into the details but it may be a decent option if you plan to flip or refi.

Capital One does not participate in UD. But it’s nice to know who does, esp if one is carrying a large balance.

The cards will be “gas and grocery” usage to help my anemic FICO.