The best wholesaling course

I am new to REI and was thinking about buying one of the courses that is offered on this site. I had seen in another post that someone talked about Steve Cook’s course but could not find it on the site. Any ideas where I can find it. Or, is there another course that would be better. I want to stick to those that deal in wholesaling as I don’t have much money or credit starting out.

yea try out steve cook’s course and tell me how you like it. his website is

William Bronchick has a good course,it does’nt just deal with wholesaling but more techniques also.Its called Alternative Realestate Financing" Its very good!

I bought this course from Doug Crowe called “Drop Ship Real Estate”. It’s an alternate approach to wholesaling real estate, with no risk, no credit, no cash. It teaches you in depth how to wholesale real estate online and offline, starting with nothin. It’s a 1 hour online video that comes with pdf forms, supplemental materials, and more. This guy really knows what he’s talking about! After watching his video and doing about an hour of “work” online, I’m about to close a deal for a $10,000 profit. Not bad, for a newbie.

I highly recommend everyone check it out, if you’re serious about learning how to start wholesaling real estate, or even if you’re a seasoned pro looking for a killer way to add another stream of income.

Best of luck to all…
~Darren W