The Best Short Sale Course

Hi All, I’ve been avoiding short sales like the plague but now I’ve found the need to learn more and do them myself. So with that said who has the best course for the money to learn from. Perferrably with a forum and some support. Thank You, Diver

Shaun McCloskey has one of the most complete short sale courses I have seen.

Find a local investor that is successful at them and learn from them, network with them

To be truly successful at shorts you need to master the outsourcing of most of your work. At this point I only sign P/S contracts. I have team members/bird dogs/agents generate the leads, close them, gather all the paperwork etc… Then I sign the contracts and give the packet to my negotiator and then I list it with Realtor. I’m not doing much anymore other than making sure things are running smoothly. I’ve got 19 shorts with offers on them just waiting to get approval from the lenders on my A-B side and I’m not doing any of the tedious work.

I agree about outsourcing the short sale work but be careful who you pick as a mentor. We have a handful of guys like who claim the are real estate rock stars but the truth is they really are just a bunch of BS, so be careful who you choose. It is sad that most Short Sale Gurus Suck! Some have ok programs but most do not care about your success they just want you money! I am speaking from experience. I have taken many short sale courses and met with the top teachers of short sales in this country and most do not impress me.

You are your best Short Sale Course… It aint that hard… Just go do one… They are low hanging fruit right now.

Dude that is just reckless. Doing a short sale without having some kind of training is like jumping out of a plane without learning how to use your parachute. Don’t put a homeowners house on the line just so you can fumble through a deal. Learn the ropes then give it a shot.

What is so friggin hard about a short sale? Lenders are just about begging us to buy their inventory… But if someone is shy and doesn’t think they can manage one then they should buy a course.

Anyone who needs forms or info feel free to freely download them from btw the forms are for California and should always be approved by an attorney…

Thanks all and Michael I’ll do that. Now anyones thoughts on Louis Brown’s stuff and has anyone done a short sale flip? Herbster


Never read any of Lou Browns stuff but his contracts are awesome. We are closing 5 short sale flips this month here in North Jersey.

I totally agree with Michael there is nothing really that hard about doing a Short Sale. The bank will almost walk you thru it. All you got to do is get them there paperwork and learn to negotiate!

No need in ending up with a nice course collection and an empty wallet!

How do you get the bank their paperwork?

I’ve contacted many many listing agents telling them I’ve interested in purchsing thir listing and what we have to offer them and their client, but they do not respond.

I’ve gotten a coulpe of buyer’s agent to send some s.s. listings by signing up on their websites, but the buyer’s agents do not seem to want to work with investors either.

So instead, should I just send out many contract offers along with how I do business, to various listing agents and see what sticks, to get the s.s. process started?

Seems if they are really interested in getting it sold they would respond. Thanks.