The Art Of Setting Your Mind For Success

Success all starts with the mind, if you can not convince your self in becoming a success, you will never be a success.

Ask your self a few simple questions!

How long have you wanted to be a real estate investor?
How long have you wanted to be a success financially?
What have you done to become a success?

Most will say years, most will say I took some courses, read some books, listen to tapes, joined groups and forums and we can go on and on with this.

Most make claims for their lack of success because I have no money, I have bad credit, no body will help me, you just don’t understand my life and yes we could go on and on!

This is simply a self-destructive attitude! Success starts as a state of mind! When you believe in yourself others will believe in you and success follows!

Success is not safe ground, success comes to those who believe in what they want out of life and are willing to take the risk, to step out of the box, to avoid self doubt and negative people around them!

In 1975 Gary Dahl was sitting with a few friends in a bar having drinks. As happens in most cases the conversation jumped out of the box and they came up with an off-the-wall idea of a pet rock and all the things it was good for. Now talk about “Out of the box thinking”. Gary spent a few weeks writing a systematic guide to having a happy relationship with your pet rock. He spent some more time by going to a builder’s supply store seeking after his little pet rock and yes he found the perfect rounded gray pebble that sold for a penny.

In August of 1975 his pet rock was introduced at a gift show and this totally insane ideal exploded to the point that he sold A million rocks for $3.95 apiece in just a few months, and Gary Dahl had become an instant millionaire in just a matter of months, not years, less than 6 months!

So what are you willing to do to become a success?

Gary Dahl had a dream, he believed in his dream and most importantly, he put action to his dream.

You need to know what is limiting your success! And with most, it is simply self-doubt!

Self-doubt says

I can’t be
I can’t do
I’m not good enough
I’m not smart enough.
There’s not enough time
It’s too hard

You have to get to the root of what is stopping your success, it’s not what you can see that is stopping your success, it’s what you can not see, and it’s within!

Steps to mind success

  1. This is the time to be honest with your self and write down the beliefs that are keep you from
    becoming a success.

  2. Now you need to take a look at your list and ask your self why can I not be, why can I not do, why am I not good enough, why am I not smart enough, why do I not have enough time and why is it to hard?

  3. Ask yourself why do I believe this way?

  4. Is this belief legitimate?

  5. Is this belief helping you or limiting you?

If you will be honest with your self and you can be! When we become honest with ourselves we will not hesitate to acknowledge our fears and you will discover what is holding you back!

Now take

I can’t be
I can’t do
I’m not good enough
I’m not smart enough.
There’s not enough time
It’s too hard

Or what ever your fears are and rewrite them with a confident attitude

I can be what I want to be
I can do anything I want to do if only I believe
I am good enough
I am smart enough.
I have the time

Work on this daily, read your can do’s daily, post them on the bathroom mirror, the refrigerator, in your car just simply do what it takes to become a success.

Never give in to self-doubt! Never give in to negative people! Never give up on your dream!

Stand up for who you are and what you can be!

Set your mind for success and you will discover your unlimited potential!

Now take that little paper of self doubt, negative thoughts and fears that have been holding you back and get your self a small can and place that little piece of paper in that can and light that paper on fire as you watch the fire and smoke you will be watching self doubt, negative thoughts and fears simply go up in smoke!

Do this little exercise each and every time and soon you will become the successful real estate investor you want to become.

GREAT motivational advice for a Friday morning, johnmichael!